Nadia Naffi is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Université Laval in Quebec City, Canada. She has taught online and face-to-face courses in the areas of digital media, instructional design, human performance technology (HPT), distance education, social technologies and the socio-cultural aspects of learning, to name a few, at Ontario Tech University and Concordia University. Her current multimodal teaching mandate at Université Laval centers on equipping current and future experts in educational technology to meet the training and development needs of a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, multi-generational, evolving, and global workforce in the artificial intelligence era. Naffi holds the Chair in Educational Leadership in Innovative Pedagogical Practices in Digital Contexts – National Bank and co-leads the Education and Empowerment axis of the international observatory on the societal impacts of AI and digital technologies (OBVIA) where she focuses on the ethical, critical, responsible and sustainable application of disruptive technologies, such as AI and the metaverse, in lifelong learning for the future of work. She is affiliated with the CRIFPE, GRIIPTIC, CRIEVAT, CRIRES and the IID. Amongst her research projects, she is currently leading a SSHRC funded study that examines elements of course design and evaluation strategies that promote high-quality, equitable and inclusive education, and take into consideration student's mental health, in hybrid, flexible, or 100% online modalities for the postCOVID19 era in higher education. Naffi will be thrilled to connect on LinkedIn.